Digital Work


Tony Harding Feels the Bern for Spike Lee and SpikeDDB

Tony Harding produces package of campaign spots for Bernie Sanders, SpikeDDB, and Devine Mulvey Longabaugh.

Tony Harding Produces “Brooklyn Made” for SpikeDDB

Tony Harding produces this short film celebrating the Brand of Brooklyn for SpikeDDB. Shoot throughout…
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Introducing the SkyFund

The Craig Brothers direct a stunning visual, showcasing the endless abilities of SkyFund.

Aaron Craig Ponies Up for Pony

Aaron Craig shoots and directs this piece for Pony Sneakers Brand “Product of New York”
THEM Media Produces #GAMECHANGER for Bose

THEM Media Produces #GAMECHANGER for Bose

THEM Media Produces #GAMECHANGER for Bose. Noah Conopask directs.  
Monroe College

Monroe College

THEM goes back to school for Monroe College Admissions video, including original music track.

Seven Psychopaths

Jim Tozzi and THEM have 9 Lives for CBS Films and Seven Psychopaths! Jim Tozzi,…
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Cheeses of Europe

Cheeses of Europe and Fifteen Degrees choose THEM for a series of commercials promoting French…