Ben Bowman


Writer/director Ben Bowman has some unexpected areas of expertise for a filmmaker: horology (watchmaking), innovations in learning science (especially using technology), freshwater sailboat yachting (sloops, ketches and yawls), and the raw feeding of pets (he created the Wikipedia page).

His more customary cinematic-adjacent interests are: the history (and future) of commercial airliners, vintage UJMs (Universal Japanese Motorcycles), and manual focus Nikon prime lenses (of the 1970s and 1980s).

He has directed for clients including Comedy Central, Kenneth Cole, and global eyewear brand Moscot. Ben also directed and co-wrote the THEM produced feature film Knucklehead, which earned critical acclaim, (“Gripping drama!” – Newsweek), the VH1 Audience Award, a whole shelf of cherished film festival awards, and was available for streaming and purchase on popular platforms at the time of this writing.

He worked for a time as an editor for clients including the Criterion Collection, McCann, NBC, MTV, VH1, ESPN, and Paisley Park Studios, where he got his start as an assistant editor on music videos for Prince, in Minnesota where he first studied painting before moving to New York.

He went on to earn an MFA in film from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where he has also taught.

Ben is passionate about compelling stories and indelible images. He tries to make at least one of each every day.

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