Ben Bowman


Dig if you will the picture …

… of The Kid, a talented but troubled virtuoso from Minneapolis. To escape the difficulties of his home life, he spends his days rehearsing and his nights performing with his band at a legendary nightclub. This is the story of Prince, from whom I got my start working on music videos. I never had a band, but I am a filmmaker who also came from Minneapolis, and if you love unforgettable characters who are rendered on the screen with humor, nuance and power, well I do too. That is why I directed and co-wrote the THEM produced feature film KNUCKLEHEAD which was released on Amazon Prime and which earned critical acclaim from nationwide press as well as scores of industry and film festival awards, including a VH1 Audience Award. It’s serious stuff. It’s drama.
Drama with jokes.

Having directed for global brands, national acts and cable television, my work has been seen on Comedy Central, NBC, MTV, VH1 and ESPN. I have been fortunate to work with world renowned clients including McCann, American Express, Target, Moscot, the Criterion Collection, and Prince.

- Ben Bowman

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