Ben Bowman


Dig if you will the picture
of a filmmaker whose work is rooted in rich location and period details, an artisan who crafts handmade animation set in the historical Lower East Side of Manhattan, a visionary who dreams up imaginative retro-futuristic cityscapes, the contemporary realism of a burnished urban neighborhood, or the precarious chaos of a sailing vessel caught at the mercy of tumbling waves. These are some of the pictures I have hoped you will dig –- and if some of this reads like song lyrics, it’s because I am an audiophile from Minnesota who got my start working on music videos for Prince.

I’m sorry if you cried. I only meant to create new but familiar worlds, inhabited by indelible characters who compel the viewer to laugh, to feel and to experience emotions. Yeah, sure, sometimes that viewer experiences sadness, or pain. I guess I’m not so sorry after all. It’s alright to cry.

The big screen:
Do you love unforgettable characters who are rendered on the screen with humor, nuance and power? Well I do, and that is why I directed and co-wrote the THEM produced feature film KNUCKLEHEAD which earned critical acclaim from nationwide press and scores of industry and festival awards, including a VH1 Audience Award. It’s serious stuff. It’s drama.

With jokes.

Where and with whom?:
I have directed for global brands, national acts and cable television. My work has been seen on Comedy Central, NBC, MTV, VH1 and ESPN. I have collaborated with clients including McCann, American Express, Target, Moscot, the Criterion Collection, and yes, some others too.

Here’s an actual Academy Award winning song lyric:
I only wanted to see you bathing in the purple rain.

- Ben Bowman

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